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Published January 2, 2021

I’m just blessed to have a practical wife. After the wedding we were supposed to go out of town to enjoy a food trip as our honeymoon. But because of amazing gifts from friends and families, we had many mini-honeymoons (including whale-shark watching, visiting a Greek-inspired temple, enjoyed an island beach, and a private-villa with a pool) that we felt no longer practical to spend more. So we decided to save and invest what was supposed to be spent for our honeymoon. But still, we wanted to go on the planned food trip and decided to go there for our first anniversary. Since it is still a year away, we wanted to try the 50 pesos ipon challenge as our anniversary fund.

“Okay! 50 Pesos Ipon Challenge Accepted”

What is the Invisible 50 Pesos Ipon Challenge?

The invisible 50 pesos ipon challenge is a way of saving money that forces you to save each and every 50 peso bill you receive. You have to program (much worse – brainwash) yourself that every 50 peso bill should go into a separate “play” account – in our case, our anniversary fund. It’s like the 50 pesos is invisible and goes straight to your savings account.

The FUN part:

Every time you pay 100 pesos and you receive a 50 peso bill as change, then that 50 pesos goes to your account. We make fun or tease each other when this happens to one of us during our date nights. 

The Challenging part:

Is when you pay a 500 peso bill and you receive a bunch of 50 peso bills! Damn, that just took a chunk of my personal allowance. 

We did this for 6 months, then lo and behold, we accumulated a good sum. Not much but it was enough for us to have a good time:

Our results of the 50 pesos ipon challenge

The 50 pesos ipon challenge funded the following:

  • a road trip
  • a mountain resort experience
  • food trip
  • a hotel accommodation
  • a plane ticket
  • visiting a historical landmark
  • and pasalubong

You see, there are creative ways of saving money. When we were still dating, I used to save all 10 peso coins and accumulate as much to spend it for an IMAX movie date. If the 50 pesos ipon challenge is too much, you might want to start with 20 peso bills, 10 peso coins or even 5 peso coins. 

Remember: the habit is more important than the amount. Develop a habit of saving money and lastly, make it FUN!

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