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Published September 21, 2018

So this morning, as I was preparing for work and having my breakfast, I grabbed my mug of steaming hot coffee and brushed through the newspaper for some interesting news articles (not all articles catch my attention, especially the nasty ones like political bouts and dramas).

One write-up caught my choosy eyes though. The title goes: “City Scholar sends a Thank You Letter to the Mayor”. And I skimmed thru that and after reading it, I closed the newspaper, sipped the remaining coffee in my mug and thought about the scholar subject in the news bit *and the many graduates like her*.

After graduation, for sure, companies will be waiting for her–if not proactively get her. So she will have a nice paying job to fill her pockets.

But for how long? So I thought about writing this blog post and give you some of my money saving tips.

Adulting can be a real pain in the arse. Trust me, I am now in the authority to tell you–having gone through such hard stage. Well, I am still having my struggles right now, but in a different level than yours.

My hardships now include changing diapers, preparing milk, and sometimes, yeah, eating baby food leftovers. Yup, you got it, I am talking about #Fathering. LOL.

Money Saving Tips

Practical Money Saving Tips for Adulting:

Anyway, here are my practical and wise money saving tips to help you get through the dilemma of sorting things out in your money game, being a “yuppie” or a young professional. Because your scale is a whole bunch of big dreams on the left, with little to no earning on the right end of the scale.

1. Live within or below your means.

Simply, this means you should not go beyond your wallet. So do not spend on things which you cannot afford in cash. For example, you are in a mall and you see a beautiful pair of shoes, check your wallet.

If your money on hand, is not equal or more than the cost of the pair of shoes before your eyes, that should be enough to answer the question as to whether or not you should buy the shoes.

It only goes without saying then…do not swipe that credit card, hun.

2. Pay yourself first.

Have you heard about this trick yet? If not, then this is the correct way of saving. So every time you receive your pay, do not get too overwhelmed.

Pay yourself first by setting aside 20% of your pay to your personal savings before spending for anything and everything else.

3. Think long term.

You might not feel the rough waves right now but one day, you CERTAINLY will–especially when you have not prepared for the tight days. So save. Do not just spend and spend.

4. Do part time online jobs.

If you think your full time job cannot answer for everything you need yet, especially when you like travelling so much, go ahead and look for a part time job. You can look one up online, to start with right after reading this blog post.

5. Start planning for your retirement.

I can hear you chuckling right now. Did I? Or was that just a dog from the neighborhood. Hmm. I think it’s the latter. Because seriously, even when you are still on your 20’s right now, it’s never too early to start creating your retirement plan. It’s better to be prepared than be depressed with your regrets later. Yeah?

Above all, you deserve a pat in the back. Go ahead, pat yourself in the back. Why? You have just made one of the best and brightest decisions in your life today which is to read this blog post. Watch out for more of these smart money saving tips on our next posts!

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