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Published October 21, 2018

After you have opened a BDO savings account using these instructions, you would want the convenience of having banking in your computer or smartphone. Online banking can be used to check your balance, transfer funds and pay bills. You can also view your transaction history – all the withdrawals and deposits. So how do you enroll in BDO online banking? Here are 5 easy steps.

Five Steps in BDO online banking enrollment

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Move your mouse over to the “Online Banking Login” in the upper right hand corner of the site, click on the “Personal” tab and click “Not yet enrolled? Enroll Now!” (as seen in the image below.)

BDO online banking

You could also click on the link “Not Yet Enrolled? Enroll Now!” at the center of the screen (below the log-in details form).

Step 3: Read through the Terms and Conditions and check on the checkbox below, and click “Submit”.

BDO online banking terms and conditions

Step 4: Fill-out the Online Enrollment Form. Make sure to put a check on the type of access your need (Internet Banking, Mobile and/or Phone Banking), and then click “Submit”.

Details required for your Online Enrollment Form

Choose Account Type (Deposit Account or Credit Card). Then choose where you are enrolling from (Within or Outside the Philippines). Then check “Online Banking.” You could also opt for Phone Banking and SMS Banking but additional requirements and data are required.

BDO fill up application form

You will also be required to input your BDO account information. For Deposit Account, your ATM Card Number is required. You must enter the 16-digit card number found on the face of your ATM card. And then you can create or choose your preferred Nickname.

BDO account details requirements

Then nominate your BDO online banking information. Create your own USER ID and password. And make sure to confirm password. After which, input your mobile number and best & active email address.

After you create your USER ID, you will then nominate your challenge questions. These challenge questions are very important as they will be required when you wish to change your password.

IMPORTANT TIP: Create a safe and secure notes where you can store your passwords and security questions with answers so you won’t forget them.

BDO submit online banking form

After which, validate your enrollment by entering a security code (to avoid spam enrollments). And finally hit “Submit”.

Step 5: Take note or write down your ATM Activation Code in the acknowledgment page as you will use this to activate your Internet Banking account using your BDO ATM Debit Card.

Finally, go to the nearest BDO ATM to activate your account at any BDO ATM within 45 days. Simply follow the instructions given to you in the acknowledgement page.

How to activate BDO Online Banking account?

  1. Go to any BDO ATM
  2. Press “Other Services” button
  3. Select “Activate Electronic Banking”
  4. Enter ATM Activation Code then press “Confirm” button
  5. Choose receipt option
  6. Enter your PIN
  7. Finally, get transaction receipt

And that’s it! Happy online banking!

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