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Published March 6, 2019

Not enough savings? Buried in debt? Living paycheck to paycheck? Sometimes, managing (especially reducing) our expenses isn’t enough. You don’t want to get sick because you cut eating meals into twice a day instead of thrice. That’s going to be an additional financial burden. The solution therefore is to earn additional sources of income. And now because of technology, people can actually earn money online now in the comforts of their homes.

Here are 9 ideas on how to earn money online here in the Philippines:

1. Freelance work or online jobs

Because of technology, a lot of jobs are now being outsourced all over the world. Thus, online jobs are now available.

Luckily, Filipinos are known to be skillful, full of talent and hardworking. Earning few dollars is already a big thing here in the Philippines.

Thus, a lot of Filipinos today are doing virtual assistant jobs. A lot are doing it as a part-time income online but some already made it a full-time job.

Just imaging working at the comforts of your home. No more heavy traffic and you own your time.

However, freelance work and online jobs may not be easy. It requires skills, dedication and constant learning but is truly doable.

Here are some skills and services that are perfect if you want to earn money online with freelance work:

  • Graphic Design
  • Android/IOS Application developer
  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Technical support/Customer Service
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Video editor
  • Logo Design
  • Data Entry and Online Typing Jobs
  • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
  • Internet Research
  • and many more..

Famous sites you can go to:

International freelance websites:

Filipino Freelance websites:

If you want to discover how you can freelance from home as a virtual assistant, you can check out this free VA Bootcamp here.

2. Sell stuffs online and/or build eCommerce website

You can sell physical items online like clothes, gadgets, even cars or basically anything. By using media like Facebook or Instagram, you can create your own business page where people can inquire, ask quotations and schedule for meet up.

Transactions are usually done by meeting up or through delivery. However, a word of caution as scams are also evident online, so its best to be careful especially when payments are done online.

Another way is through building an eCommerce website. Where you can set up an online store, have a secure payment process (usually through PayPal) and have an effective delivery system. I’ve personally meet people who are building eCommerce websites and are making a living out of it.

You can also check this course here, where you’ll discover how you can earn money online through eCommerce even if you are not techie or have no previous business experience at all.

3. Earn Money Online through Blogging

Blogging was once done as a hobby, but now can be a lucrative source of income online. A blog is basically a website where you can write anything you want. Usually informative, educational, entertaining or inspiring.

You can be a food blogger, travel blogger or even a financial blogger. Then by building significant number of readers, visitors and traffic to your blog, you can then monetize it by adding relevant advertisements.

Online advertising works the same with physical advertising. Have you seen those big banners with “Ads space for rent?” A company can rent a space in your building and place an ad banner. Same thing with online advertising, an advertiser will rent a “digital space” in your blog.

However, just like physical advertisements where a good location is a big factor (where a lot of people can see the ad), your number of online visitors called traffic, determines how well you will earn as a blogger.

That’s why choosing the right niche (specific blog topic) is also very important if you want to be a blogger and earn through advertisements.

Good niches that can potentially receive good traffic are:

  • news
  • showbiz
  • technology (especially gadgets)
  • food and lifestyle
  • travel
  • relationships, family and marriage
  • and even finance

Turn your passion into profit, create a blog that you love to write about, work from home and earn a decent money online!

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products online. Unlike an e-commerce website where you need to sell your own physical products online, by being an affiliate you just promote somebody else’s products and receive a commission when someone buys from your promotion.

An example would be by being an affiliate of Amazon or an affiliate of Lazada here in the Philippines. You just apply as an affiliate, fill-up some forms and upon approval, you will receive a unique code called an affiliate link.

This affiliate link will be coded specifically to you. Meaning, when one clicks your affiliate link leading to a certain product and that person buys you will receive commission in return. It works like a referral system.

Affiliate marketing is also best when you are a blogger. One way of promoting your affiliate link is by doing a blog review of a certain product. Example, you are doing a blog review of an iphone – after your article an affiliate link is found, once your readers click on the link and decides to buy, you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is also applicable with digital products like ebooks, ecourses, software products and even online membership clubs.

A famous example here in the Philippines is the OpenMind Platform. It’s an eLearning (online learning) platform built for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and even course creators. It’s a platform where you can enroll in online courses about business, investments and even self-development. At the same time, if you are looking for a way to earn money online, you can become an affiliate inside the OpenMind Platform for free and promote the courses inside to make money.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can check out this free course on: How to start a low-risk high-income online business.

5. Stock market trading

The next one is to earn money online through the stock market. There are two ways of investing: stock market trading and stock market long-term investing.

Stock market long-term investing is usually investing in large and stable companies called blue chip companies. This kind of investing is the boring approach where you invest regularly for the long-term 10 to even 20 years.

Stock market investing does not give you an additional source of income. Unless you have millions already and you invest it in away that it will give you regular cash flow famously called living on interest.

However, if you are not there yet and you want to make quick bucks then stock trading can be a way. It is important to note though that, majority of stock traders lose money in the market. Thus you need to be a student of this craft. You need to be a dedicated trader, you need to learn a lot of technicalities, and be ready to analyze tons of red-green charts. The good thing though is that you do this online. Still a work from home idea.

One of traders that I look up too is Zeefreaks. A full-time trader.

Check his blog here: diaries of a high-risk trader and follow at your own risk

6. Forex trading

I have no personal experience with Forex trading but I heard making quick money in this game is very doable.
Forex trading basically means currency exchange. It’s like learning how to exchange your peso into dollars (and vice versa) or other currencies at a good time to maximize profit.

There two ways to learn Forex trading:

  • Self-study online
  • Attend a live seminar

Forex trading is a little bit the same with stock market trading. A lot say it is like gambling but some make it a full-time income source online.

Check out Ready to be Rich (by Fitz Villafuerte): Learn how to trade Forex in the Philippines

Warning: Trading (stock market and Forex) is a high-risk, high return investment. Be sure to be financially educated before getting into these types of investments. 

7. Creating and selling your own digital products

Digital product creation is also a lucrative business model online. It is a very scalable model where you create product once and sell it over and over again.

Examples of digital products are eBooks, audio products, eCourses and even membership sites.

The challenge with creating your own digital product is that it takes a lot of upfront work. But once you make it, the rewards are satisfying.

Creating and selling your own digital products can be a good complimentary with Blogging.

Thus your blog can have multiple sources of income through Ads, affiliate marketing and selling your own digital products online.

That’s why making money online and working from home now is very feasible because of technology.

You can check out my online course here where you’ll discover how to start your own ebook business and jumpstart your information business online.

8. Sell your services online

Selling your services online can be similar with doing a freelance work.

However, the big distinction is that instead of you looking for employers or clients, clients are the ones looking for you.

Examples would be consulting business, photography services, web design and even artwork services.

By creating an online portfolio, clients will contact you and avail your services.

Selling your services online may not be limited to working from home (example photography) but is one of the best ways to market yourself and your talents online.

We actually got our photographer for our wedding through falling in love with our photographer’s online portfolio

9. Build Mobile Applications

In this digital era, a lot of companies have disrupted the old industries.

Businesses are turning into platform-based:

  • Uber the biggest transportation network but does not own a single vehicle.
  • Facebook the most famous social media website but does not create is own content.
  • Youtube the most dominant online video streaming website but does not produce their own videos.
  • Google the largest online information hub but does not write its own content.

So if you a are a savvy software developer, maybe it is high time to create your own mobile app.

Mobile apps can be productivity tools and even mobile games.

You can then monetize them by uploading your app in Google Play and/or App Store.


  • People can download it for free but monetize it through ads.
  • Make it available as a freemium app. Meaning it is free to download but there are available in-app purchases.
  • Or basically build it as a paid mobile application.

You see, there are tons of legitimate ways you can earn money online and work from home here in the Philippines. Choose the one that suits you best. Hope this article has helped you.

Do you have more “work from home” and “earn money online” ideas? Hit us a comment below.

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