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Published December 4, 2018

Spending money is very easy while saving is quite a struggle. Unless if you make saving money “FUN”, then you’ll be amazed how you are able to save a substantial amount by making it enjoyable to do. So, here’s another challenge you can do for you to be able to finally save money. It’s the Peso Sense Ipon Challenge.

Peso Sense Ipon Challenge

This challenge is made popular by Peso Sense – The Philippine Financial Freedom Campaign. The challenge is actually very simple and fun to do. First, you just need to download their printable ipon challenge template, then paste it in a can (I use Pringles. Hehe). This will serve as your coin bank.

Peso Sense Ipon Challenge

Click here to download your Ipon Challenge Printable

You are then required to save a specific number of coins and bills. For example, you’ll need to save 100 pcs of 1 peso coins, 90 pcs of 5 peso coins and so forth.

Here’s the total list:

  • 100 pcs – 1 peso coin
  • 90 pcs – 5 peso coin
  • 80 pcs – 10 peso coin
  • 70 pcs – 20 peso bill
  • 60 pcs – 50 peso bill
  • 50 pcs – 100 peso bill
  • 40 pcs – 200 peso bill
  • 30 pcs – 500 peso bill
  • 20 pcs – 1,000 peso bill

There are also no specific rules on when to save money in your Peso Sense Ipon Challenge coin bank. You save as you please. If you are able to have a lot of extra during the 15th of the month, put more into it. Or if in case you have a spare change, deposit it inside your coin bank.

And lastly, every time you deposit some money inside your coin bank, you’ll then shade the circles as seen in the template. This is what makes the challenge fun! Because, the more circles you shade, the more excited you’ll get of filling up and completing the challenge.

After the challenge, you’ll be able to save a grand total of: P53,750.00! Awesome!

Will you accept this Ipon Challenge? Here’s one from my friend..

Peso Sense Challenge Accepted

Share with us your Peso Sense Ipon Challenge by commenting below or sending us a picture of your progress or results. I will update this post once I’ve personally completed this challenge too.

(Credits: Peso Sense)

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