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Published May 27, 2019

Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) is one of my favorite banks because of it’s online banking features. And just recently, they have upgraded their systems and now has totally improved their online banking experience. So in this article, let me show you BPIexpressonline new website, interface, features and some How-To Online guides like Funds Transfer, Bills Payment and Enrollment.

The New BPIexpressonline website

From the famous URL: https://www.bpiexpressonline(.)com/ you will now be redirected to their new website address:

It is important to note this website address to avoid falling victim to online scams. We have heard  of fake BPI online websites that will take away some of your important bank details. Thus, make sure to remember the above official BPI website.

Once you click on “log-in” you will be redirected to their online log-in page at:

Input your Username and Password and welcome to the new BPI online banking website. If you are not registered yet, just simply click the “Register Now” link and follow the necessary steps and procedures.

If you forgot your Username or Password, simply click the link and an email instruction will be sent to your registered email.

How to Enroll Billers and Pay Bills Online

What I love about BPI is the convenience of paying your bills online. From my phone bill (Smart), internet bill (Globe Broadband – Biller Name: Innove), electric bill (VECO) and even my insurances (Kaiser Healthcare) and investments (Mutual Funds), you can pay online. Here’s how to enroll Billers and then pay your bills through BPI.

Step 1: Click “Other Services” and then click “Enroll Billers”

How to enroll Billers step 1

Step 2: Choose on the list of Billers or Enter the Biller’s Name

Step 2 in Enrolling Billers

Last Step: Input Reference Number

This reference number may be your account number, policy number, application number and the like.

How to Pay Bills Online using the New BPIexpressonline

Once you have successfully enrolled your bills, you can now pay them online. Just simply go to “Payments/Load”

  1. Choose your BPI account
  2. Input amount to pay
  3. Then choose from the list of enrolled Billers
  4. Click “Next”, confirm your transaction
  5. A One-Time-Pin (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number
  6. Input your OTP
  7. And you have just successfully paid your bills online!

New BPIexpressonline bills payment

How to do BPI Online Funds Transfer to Anyone

Now another thing I love about the new BPIexpressonline website is that you can now do funds transfer to anyone much easier. They now have a QR code feature to make online transfer much easier and will surely help avoid inputting wrong account numbers.

If you don’t have a QR Code you, you can generate one by going to:

Other Services >> QR Code >> QR Generator

QR Code Generator

Once you are able to generate your QR code, you save it. You can then send your QR code to your friends who wants to transfer money to you.

Instruct your friends and families too to generate their own QR codes, ask their codes and save it.

Once you want to send or transfer money online, you can now conveniently use the QR code to avoid inputting the wrong account numbers via funds transfer.

To do funds transfer: 

  1. You go to “Transfer Money”
  2. Choose your BPI account
  3. Input the transfer amount
  4. Choose whether to transfer to your own account (if you have multiple BPI accounts) or transfer to 3rd party
  5. You can choose to:
    • Input the 3rd party’s BPI account number
    • Use the QR code option (by doing so, you’ll just simply upload the QR code)
    • Choose from enrolled BPI accounts (you can also enroll a 3rd party BPI account for those who you regularly send money to)
  6. Enter Notes (Optional)
  7. Click “Next”, confirm your transaction
  8. A One-Time-Pin (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number
  9. Input your OTP
  10. And there you go – you have successfully transfer money online!

Then NEW BPIexpressonline funds transfer

Important Notes: 

(As of writing) You can do a maximum of P50,000 per day online funds transfer to anyone. You can do unlimited funds transfer to your enrolled BPI accounts and 3rd party accounts. And you can have a maximum of P20,000 per day withdrawal from your ATM card.

Alright that’s it!

I just love the new BPIexpressonline, it’s features, it’s interface (so much cleaner now) and the ease of online banking.

Other Banking TIPS:

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  1. zenaida rizaldo zenaida rizaldo

    on the new format its not possible to enroll additional account.old one has portfolio.
    you can easily enroll additional account now there is no option.
    pls. demo also how to enroll additional account.

    • tiyopilo tiyopilo

      I believe it’s the bank who will enroll your additional account online. I remember when I opened a different account from BPI, they asked me if I already have an online account. I said “yes” and they told me that I can access my other account on the same online account.

      Better to go visit your BPI branch to double check on this.

      Hope that helps.

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